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1st Berlin Music Video Awards

berlinmva_flyer_frontThe “Berlin Music Video Awards” will be awarded for the first time in Berlin from April 24-28, 2013. This event provides a perfect platform for musicians and labels to get in touch with producers of music videos. On the first two days the public and representatives of the music and music video industry will vote on their favourite videos in several categories.  On the next two days the prizes in several categories will be awarded in a ceremony in Villa Neukölln in Berlin. In the last day’s closing event with live performances, guests of honour and journalists of renowned magazines the prize for best video production will be awarded. The call for video submission is open until March 15, 2013: 

Learn more about the “Berlin Music Video Awards” here:


Music Business Research 2012 – in retrospective

Dear friends of the music business research blog. Thank you for visiting the blog in 2012. It was again a very eventful year for the music business/industry. The US and EU regulators cleared the merger of the recorded music arms of Universal and EMI. The Anschutz Group announced the selling of AEG, the world’s second largest live music company. Apple’s iTunes is virtually available worldwide after launching the music download portal in Russia, Turkey, Turkey, India and in other 52 countries. Music streaming service Spotify launched in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Luxembourg, operating now in 17 countries, whereas French based rival Deezer raised US$ 130 million from Warner Music Group’ owner Access Industries. And U.S. singer/songwriter Amanda Palmer managed to raise more than US$ 1.0 million for her new album on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform – to name only a few events.

However, from a music business research perspective, one of the highlights were the Third Vienna Music Business Research Days on “New Music Consumption Behaviour” held at University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Recent studies on music consumption behavior in the the UK, Austria and in the US were presented and the graduaded response scheme of the French authority for protection of copyrights on the Internet (HADOPI) was discussed. Further, the best paper of the Young Scholars’ workshop was awarded for the first time: “The ‘artepreneur’: A model for future success and personal fulfillment for artists” by Maike Engelmann, Lorenz Grünewald and Julia Heinrich of Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. As a reward the paper was published in the October issue of the International Journal of Music Business Research (IJMBR), whose first issue was already published in April 2012:


Editorial by Dennis Collopy, Peter Tschmuck and Carsten Winter, pp. 4-6

Jari Salo: Customer Experience Management in the Music Industry Online Communities, pp. 7-30

Maike Engelmann, Lorenz Grünewald and Julia Heinrich: The New Artrepreneur – How Artists Can Thrive on a Networked Music Business, pp. 31-45._ (awarded best paper of the Young Scholars’ Workshop of the 3rd Vienna Music Business Research Days 2012)

Carsten Winter: How Media Prosumers Contribute to Social Innovation in Today’s New Networked Music Culture and Economy, pp. 46-73



Editorial by Peter Tschmuck and Dennis Collopy, pp. 4-6

Patrik Wikström: A Typology of Music Distribution Models, pp. 7-20

Pinie Wang: Music and Advertising. The Influence of Advertising and the Media on the Development of the Music Industry in the USA, pp. 21-43

Martin Kretschmer: Copyright Term Reversion and the “Use-It-Or-Lose-It” Principle, pp. 44-53

In the following you can find all academic theses & papers, which have been added for downloading in 2012. In addition find a list of important music business/industry studies and books published last year. You can also find a top-10-list of the most visited blog-posts and some more information.


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