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International Journal of Music Business Research – October 2022, vol. 11, nr. 2


Volume 11, no 2, October 2022

Editorial by Peter Tschmuck, p. 45

Kjersti Livesdottir Thorkildsen & Anders Rykkja: Showcase Festivals: Gatekeepers and Bridge Builders in the Music Industries, pp. 47-58

Mihail Miller & Stephan Klingner:  Reframing the Economic Rationale of Music Publishers’ Relationships with Rights Management Entities – Shifting to a Systematic Approach, pp. 59-76

Nadia Whiteman-Charles: The Hustla Playbook: Negotiating the Business Politics of Reggae in the Jamaican Rock Music Scene, pp. 77-87

Book review by Erik Hitters: Richard Osborne and Dave Laing† (eds.) (2021) Music by numbers. The use and abuse of statistics in the music industries, pp. 89-90





International Journal of Music Business Research – October 2020, vol. 9, no. 2

The October issue 2020 of the International Journal of Music Business Research (IJMBR) is a special issue on the “Festivalisation of Live Music” edited by Erik Hitters and Carsten Winter. After a introductory editorial, the first article by Jeff Apruzzese presents a close-up look into the practices of the music festival industry in the USA, by focusing on radius clauses, also known as exclusivity deals. Apruzzese draws up a compelling argument on how these clauses affect local venues and other organizers of live music, effectively obstructing their choice of bands to play for local audiences.

Erik Hitters & Marijn Mulder explore local policies on live music and festivals in their contribution “Live music ecologies and festivalization: the role of urban live music policies”. In particular, their focus is on how such policies have been subject to festivalization.

A special contribution is from renowned live music researcher Martin Cloonan, who looks back at fifteen years of active involvement in live music research in the UK. In “Trying to have an impact: Some confessions of a live music researcher” he mindfully reflects on the paradoxes of his role as an academic observer and analyst and the need for informed and impactful interventions in the business and policies of live music.

The special October issue rounds up with a book review by Daniel Nordgard on “Can Music Make You Sick? Measuring the price of musical ambition” by Sally A. Gross and George Musgrave.



Volume 9, no 2, October 2020 – special issue on the festivalization of live music

Editorial by Erik Hitters & Carsten Winter: The festivalization of live music, pp. 4-12

Jeffrey Apruzzese: Navigating troubled waters; how are music festivals affecting the local concert industry, pp. 13-37

Erik Hitters & Martijn Mulder: Live music ecologies and festivalisation: the role of urban live music policies, pp. 38-57

Martin Cloonan: Trying to have an impact: Some confessions of a live music researcher, pp. 58-82

Book review by Daniel Nordgård: Can Music Make You Sick? Measuring the price of musical ambition by Sally A. Gross & George Musgrave, pp. 83-86




The 9th Vienna Music Business Research Days in Retrospective

The 9th Vienna Music Business Research Days on “Music Life Is Live” gathered again renown music business researchers and music business professionals at the University of Music and Performing Arts to discuss the “Political Economics of Music Festivals” and “The International Concert and Touring Business”.

The invited conference day of the Vienna Music Business Research Days 2018 was opened by the president of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Ulrike Sych, with a welcome address to the conference participants and the audience.

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Introducing our guests: Erik Hitters (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

“Music Life Is Live” is the main topic of the 9th Vienna Music Business Research Days from Sep. 12-14, 2018. In presentations and discussions music business representatives and music business researchers focus this time on the political economy of music festivals and the economics of the international concert and touring business. Find the program here.

Erik Hitters of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, gives a talk on “Live Music Ecologies and Value Creation for Musicians, Industries and Cities” on September 14 from 11:45-12:30 in Joseph Haydn-Hall at the University of Music an Performing Arts Vienna.

Erik Hitters is Associate Professor at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication of Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has co-founded and is managing director of ERMeCC, the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture. He lectures for the MA programme in Media Studies and IBCoM, the International Bachelor in Communication and Media. Erik’s research interests lie in the broad field of transformations in the media and cultural Industries. His research and publications deal firstly with the changing logics of institutional and field dynamics in the media and cultural industries, including the film, music and broadcasting industries. His second interest is in local, regional and national creative industries, clustering and creative cities. He leads two large research projects. The first is the NWO funded Creative Industries Strategic Research Project “Cultures of Innovation in the Creative Industries”. The second is the Smart Culture Strategic Research Project “Staging popular music: sustainable live music ecologies for artists, music venues and cities (POPLIVE)”, jointly funded by NOW and SIA. His work on popular music has resulted in a number of conference papers and publications. In 2015, he co-founded and is board member of the International Music Business Research Association (IMBRA).


International Journal of Music Business Research – April 2016, vol. 5, no. 1

The new issue features three excellent unique and diverse papers that shed fresh and novel insights on the modern music business and this is exemplified by “Rockonomics Revisited”, as well as “Innovation Diffusion” and “The Distinctiveness of Electronic Dance Music”.

Rockonomics Revisited” by Adam Fer and Barbara Baarsma of the University of Amsterdam is taking its reference point as Krueger’s well-known 2005 “Rockonomics” paper that examined the complimentary relationship between declining record sales and rising ticket prices. The “Innovation Diffusion” paper by Alexander Brem (University of Southern Denmark) and Michael Reichert (Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg) investigates the importance of product and organisational Innovation particularly in a music industry with historical failure rates of 90 percent. “The distinctiveness of Electronic Dance Music” by Job van der Velde and Erik Hitters of Erasmus University Rotterdam begs the question whether the Dance (or EDM) genre is distinctive relative to existing music industries structures. They argue the differences between the EDM labels and rest of the music industry can be traced to the embedded digital technologies, the rise of independent labels filling the post-Napster vacuum left by the major labels and the fact the new entrants focus on live as opposed to recorded music revenues. A book review by Daniel Nordgård on “Business Innovation and Disruptions in the Music Industry”, edited by Patrik Wikström and Robert DeFillippi, complements for the first time the current IJMBR issue.


Volume 5, no 1, April 2016

Editorial by Dennis Collopy, pp. 4-5

Adam Fer & Barbara Baarsma: Rockonomics revisited: The rise of music streaming services and the effect on the concert industry, pp. 6-35

Alexander Brem & Michael Reichert: Innovation diffusion in B2B relations: New song diffusion in radio broadcasting, pp. 36-58

Job van der Velden & Erik Hitters: The distinctiveness of Electronic Dance Music. Challenging mainstream routines and structures in the music industries, pp. 59-84

Book review by Daniel Nordgård: Business innovation and disruptions in the music industry (eds. Wikström, P. & DeFillippi, R.), pp. 85-90



5th Vienna Music Business Research Days in Retrospective

Logo VMBRD 2014The 5th Vienna Music Business Research Days were devoted to the question “How to Monetize Music in the Digital Age”? Academics and business professionals  answered this questions from different perspectives. The VMBR-Days 2014 were held in cooperation with the Waves Vienna Music Festival & Conference and attracted an even larger international audience than in the years before. On Oct 3rd, a conference track day complemented the invited conference day on Oct 2nd for the first time. Academics from Austria, Australia, Brasil, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom presented recent findings of a wide range of music business research topics.

The Young Scholars’ Workshop gathered for the fourth time students and mentors/discussants from more than 10 countries to discuss the findings a papers derived from master and PhD theses (see also the webpage of the Young Scholars’ Workshop 2014).

For a detailed coverage of the whole conference– including most of the papers and presentation slides as well as the audio streams of all talks and discussions of Oct 2nd – please click here. Continue reading ‘5th Vienna Music Business Research Days in Retrospective’

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