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International Journal of Music Business Research – October 2017, vol. 6, no. 2

The first article of the October 2017 issue of the International Journal of Music Business Research (IJMBR), Innovation in the arts – lessons from the creation of Dalhalla” by Per Frankelius of Linköping University/Sweden, is an insightful case study of the Dalhalla opera festival in Sweden that was initiated and organised by the opera singer and retired radio producer Margareta Dellefors. The second article, “Collaborating to compete: the role of cultural intermediaries in hypercompetition” by George Musgrave of University of Westminster in London, employs an innovative methodological approach to examine the role that cultural intermediaries, such as radio DJs and journalists, play in the lives of three unsigned UK urban music artists. The concluding article of this journal issue, “Status quo and perspectives of licensing synchronisation rights” by Stephan Klingner and Julia Friedrich of Leipzig University/Germany, highlights the current state of music licencing and identifies the needs from the users’ perspective. The findings are drawn from interviews with representatives of synchronisation rights licensing platforms and production libraries. The book review by Dennis Collopy of “The Economics of Music” by Peter Tschmuck rounds up the IJMBR’s October 2017 issue.


Volume 6, no 2, October 2017

Editorial by Peter Tschmuck, pp. 4-5

Per Frankelius: Innovation in the arts – lessons from the creation of Dalhalla, pp. 6-40

George Musgrave: Collaborating to compete: the role of cultural intermediaries in hypercompetition, pp. 41-68

Stephan Klingner & Julia Friedrich: Status quo and perspectives of licensing synchronisation rights, pp. 69-86

Book review by Dennis Collopy: The Economics of Music by Peter Tschmuck, pp. 87-91




Introducing our guests: George Musgrave (University of Westminster/UK)

The 8th Vienna Music Business Research Days from Sep. 12-14, 2017 are devoted to the question “Unchaining the Digital Music Business?”. Over the past few years new gatekeeping processes in the digital music business have emerged and international music business experts, therefore, highlight the role of new and old gatekeepers as well as the impact of innovative technologies such as the blockchain on structures and processes in the musis biz. Find the program here.

George Musgrave will be talking on “Control and Autonomy in the Digital Music Business” in Joseph-Haydn Hall from 11:45-12:45 on September 14, 2017. George Musgrave is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Media, Arts and Design of the University of Westminster. He also lectures at Goldsmiths, University of London. George earned his PhD with “Creativity, Capital and Entrepreneurship: The Contemporary Experience of Competition in UK Urban Music” (external examiner was Prof. Keith Negus) from the the ESRC Centre for Competition Policy at the University of East Anglia.  He is an expert on researching the role of  intermediaries in the music industry, but he also highlights mental health and working conditions for musicians (see paper) in a current research project.

George Musgrave is also a practising musician signed to Atlantic Records and a songwriter for EMI/Sony-ATV publishing. He performed live at Reading Festival, Leeds Festival and Wireless (Olympic Park) and he is the winner of MTV Brand New 2012 as the first ever unsigned act.


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