The International Journal of Music Business Research (IJMBR) as a double-blind reviewed academic journal provides a new platform to present articles of merit and to shed light on the current state of the art of music business research. Music business research is a scientific approach at the intersection of economic, artistic, especially musical, cultural, social, legal, technological developments that aims at a better understanding of the creation/production, dissemination/distribution and reception/consumption of the cultural good music. Thus, the IJMBR targets all academics, from students to professors, from around the world and from all disciplines with an interest in research on the music economy.


Volume 6, no 2, October 2017

Editorial by Peter Tschmuck, pp. 4-5

Per Frankelius: Innovation in the arts – lessons from the creation of Dalhalla, pp. 6-40

George Musgrave: Collaborating to compete: the role of cultural intermediaries in hypercompetition, pp. 41-68

Stephan Klingner & Julia Friedrich: Status quo and perspectives of licensing synchronisation rights, pp. 69-86

Book review by Dennis Collopy: The Economics of Music by Peter Tschmuck, pp. 87-91


Volume 6, no 1, April 2017

Editorial by Peter Tschmuck, pp. 4-5

Lorenz Grünewald-Schukalla: A methodology for cultural music business research, pp. 6-34

Juko-Mart Kõlar: The impact of digitalisation on the recorded music consumption. An Estonian case study, pp. 35-50

Arilova A. Randrianasolo & Jeremiah Sala: Song product characteristics and music commercial performance, pp. 51-75

Book review by Daniel Nordgård: The New Music Industries: Disruption and Discovery by Diane Hughes, Guy Morrow, Sarah Keith and Mark L. Evans, pp. 76-78


Volume 5, no 2, October 2016

Editorial by Dennis Collopy, pp. 4-5

Paul Saintilan: Aesthetic preferences and aesthetic ‘agnosticism’ among managers in music organisations: is liking projects important?, pp. 6-25

Peter Gilks: Constructing authentic identities: why narratives are better than chronicles of achievement in musicians’ biographies, pp. 26-45

Geoff Luck: The psychology of streaming: exploring music listeners’ motivations to favour access over ownership, pp. 46-61


Volume 5, no 1, April 2016

Editorial by Dennis Collopy, pp. 4-5

Adam Fer & Barbara Baarsma: Rockonomics revisited: The rise of music streaming services and the effect on the concert industry, pp. 7-35

Alexander Brem & Michael Reichert: Innovation diffusion in B2B relations: New song diffusion in radio broadcasting, pp. 36-58

Job van der Velden & Erik Hitters: The distinctiveness of Electronic Dance Music. Challenging mainstream routines and structures in the music industries, pp. 59-84

Book review by Daniel Nordgård: Business innovation and disruptions in the music industry (eds. Wikström, P. & DeFillippi, R.), pp. 85-90


Volume 4, no 2, October 2015

Editorial by Peter Tschmuck, pp. 4-6

Beate Flath: Life is live: Experiencing music in the digital age, pp. 7-26

José María Álvarez Monzoncillo & Juan Calvi: Music consumption in Spain: From analogue to digital in the shaping of music, pp. 27-48

Beatrice Jetto: The evolution of music blogs: From a fan’s passion to a promotional outlet, pp. 49-72


Volume 4, no 1, April 2015 – special issue on the German Music Economy

Editorial by Martin Lücke & Carsten Winter, pp. 4-8

Helmut Scherer & Carsten Winter: Success factors for music-based crowdfunding as a new means of financing music projects, pp. 9-25

Ronny Gey, Frank Schumacher, Stephan Klingner & Bettina Schasse de Araujo: Buried by administration: How the music industry loses its creativity. An empirical study of German music labels and publishers, pp. 26-54

David-Emil Wickström, Martin Lücke & Anita Jóri: The higher education of musicians and music industry workers in Germany, pp. 55-88


Volume 3, no 2, October 2014

Editorial by Peter Tschmuck

Francisco Bernardo and Luís Gustavo Martins: Disintermediation Effects on Independent Approaches to Music Business, pp. 7-27

Ben O’Hara: Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Music Business Education, pp. 28-59

Beatrice Jetto: Music Blogs and the Music Industry: Collusion or Independence?, pp. 60-80


Volume 3, no 1, April 2014

Editorial by Peter Tschmuck

Adolf Dietz: The European Commission’s Proposal for a Directive on Collecting Societies and Cultural Diversity – a Missed Opportunity, pp. 7-26

David Allan: Turn It Up: That’s My Song in That Ad, pp. 26-51

Steven C. Brown: ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’: Peer Production and the Changing Face of the Live Album, pp. 52-66


Volume 2, no 2, October 2013 – special issue on the Australian Music Economy

Editorial by Patrik Wikström and Peter Tschmuck

Guy Morrow: Regulating Artist Managers: An Insider’s Perspective, pp. 8-35

Phillip McIntyre and Gaye Sheather: The Newcastle Music Industry: An Ethnographic Study of a Regional Creative System in Action, pp. 36-60

Diane Hughes, Sarah Keith, Guy Morrow, Mark Evans and Denis Crowdy: What constitutes artist success in the Australian music industries? pp. 60-80


Volume 2, no 1, April 2013

Editorial by Dennis Collopy and Peter Tschmuck

Michael Huber: Music Reception in the Digital Age – Empirical Research on New Patterns of Musical Behaviour, pp. 6-34

Juan D. Montoro-Pons, Manuel Cuadrado García and Trinidad Casasús-Estellés: Analysing the Popular Music Audience. Determinants of Participation and Frequency of Attendance, pp. 35-62

John Fangjun Li: The Development of the Digital Music Industry in China during the First Decade of the 21st Century with Particular Regard to Industrial Convergence, pp. 63-86


Volume 1, no 2, October 2012

Editorial by Dennis Collopy, Peter Tschmuck and Carsten Winter, pp. 4-6

Jari Salo: Customer Experience Management in the Music Industry Online Communities, pp. 7-30

Maike Engelmann, Lorenz Grünewald and Julia Heinrich: The New Artrepreneur – How Artists Can Thrive on a Networked Music Business, pp. 31-45._ (awarded best paper of the Young Scholars’ Workshop of the 3rd Vienna Music Business Research Days 2012)

Carsten Winter: How Media Prosumers Contribute to Social Innovation in Today’s New Networked Music Culture and Economy, pp. 46-73


Volume 1, no 1, April 2012

Editorial by Peter Tschmuck and Dennis Collopy, pp. 4-6

Patrik Wikström: A Typology of Music Distribution Models, pp. 7-20

Pinie Wang: Music and Advertising. The Influence of Advertising and the Media on the Development of the Music Industry in the USA, pp. 21-43

Martin Kretschmer: Copyright Term Reversion and the “Use-It-Or-Lose-It” Principle, pp. 44-53


Editors of the IJMBR

Editorial Board

Notes for contributors


Paper submission to


Scope of the IJMBR

The music economy is a broad field encompassing various research activities. Articles on musician’s income sources and earnings, their social and economic welfare and status should be included as well as on the conditions of production, distribution and use of music. Research on the organisations within the music economy such as record companies, music publishers, collecting societies, music educational institutions, concert promoters, booking and artist agencies, ticketing companies, manufacturers of music instruments all fit within the scope of the IJMBR along with the institutional framework for the production, distribution and use of music such as music related intellectual property rights (such as copyright, moral rights, patents, trademarks and brands), music business contracts and policy issues (e.g. public funding, competition policy, taxation, social policy for musicians). In addition articles on the international music trade (such as the licensing of music and music export initiatives) and music market structures are welcomed as well as features on music professions, music professionals, music management, marketing, sponsoring and merchandising. There is also room for papers on all music genres and for so-called functional music such as music for religious practices and rites, films, TV-series, commercials and even “elevator” music, sound design, sound branding, music visualisation. Last but not least all aspects of the history of the music businesses should be highlighted in the IJMBR.


ISSN: 2227-5789, published by the International Music Business Research Association (IMBRA)


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